3 main reasons to see FC Barcelona at Nou Camp

That Futbol Club Barcelona is one of the top football teams in the world is beyond doubt and serious sports fans should pay at least one visit in their life to see them play at their home stadium, Nou Camp.

FC Barcelona, ​​often known as Barça, is used to emphasize the Catalan pronunciation rather than the lisp “Barthelona” of the Spanish Castilian language. While many who visit Barcelona refer to the city as Barça, you’ll find that none of the locals do – it’s only meant for sports clubs.

And if you attend one of the FC Barcelona games, you will find a lot of visitors at the stadium as well. Barcelona’s growing popularity as a short-stay destination has resulted from super-cheap flights from EasyJet and Ryanair among others, and the club’s growing fortunes over the last few years since Joan Laporta became president and Ronaldinho boarded the plane have ensured that the number of Barcelona FC tickets sold to tourists skyrocketed.

But the team didn’t start and end with Ronaldinho; Samuel Eto’o is another star of Bar bintanga while Lionel Messi is currently tied as the next Maradona, with his “goal of the century” to prove it. And don’t forget goalkeeper Victor Valdes who is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in Spain, team captain Carles Puyol, or the likes of Xavi, Deco or Ludovic Giuly.

1. Spirit

If you attend one of the more popular matches at the Nou Camp, you will feel the sensation of the local crowd and if Bara is playing Real Madrid, the excitement will be at its peak.

Nearly a hundred thousand spectators can be seated at the Nou Camp and when the stadium is full the roar of the crowd can be deafening. You will find people of all ages and backgrounds and if the match coincides with a public holiday in particular then many children will be catered for for the match, accompanied by their parents or grandparents.

2. Skills

Whether Bara wins, loses or draws is always important, but if Ronaldinho plays in good form, the final result can sometimes come second. With a display of ball control that many footballers practice but rarely use in match situations, Ronaldinho can shock his football, enjoy himself to the fullest and delight the crowd.

3. Experience

The Nou Camp is one of the biggest football stadiums in the world and going there is an experience in itself. While football fans should see Bara in action, the stadium is also very popular as a tourist destination. In fact the Barça museum is Catalonia’s most visited museum, in front of Barcelona’s Picasso Museum and the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres.

With trophies, documents and photo displays, you can also participate in a stadium tour, which includes visits to the locker rooms, tunnels and directors’ area.

With all that in mind, how can you call yourself a sports fan and not pay homage to one of the greatest teams on Earth at their home?

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