Referee Red Card Procedure - Norcal

Referee's responsibility
1. All Club referees must provide Red Card report to the home team manager
and NorCal Premier Soccer. It is important that the NorCal Game ID#
number is included to PAD Chair: Alan Ramos
Verification procedure
1. Teams must have signed verification form. The form must be signed by
the Center Referee and coaches of both teams, verifying that Player or Coach
did not participate in game. Please copy and or scanned the referee report or
game suspension form to: Alan Ramos at or faxed
to Attn: Alan Ramos at 415-­593-­7697 and a copy to the NYSA headref

Send Off-­Reports
1. The Center Referee that issued a Send/Off (Coach or Player) should fill out
the MS Word version of the NorCal Referee Send-­Off Report
( and E-­mail that
directly to By doing this we save a lot of time in
determining whom the Send-­Off Player/Coach is and what their game
suspension is going to be. We need to do this quickly so the suspension
information will be available to the affected teams and coaches ASAP.
2. Please do not retain the Coach's or the Player's Pass (that were Sent-­Off)
but return the passes to them after the completion of the game. All Send-­
Offs/Ejections and Suspensions will be tracked on the NorCal website and
that other teams in the same division/group will be notified of the infraction
and the pending suspension.
3. Referee Coordinators please request that all your referees read and
understand the NorCal Handbooks.

If you have questions, please get back to me - NYSA Headref