Novato Youth Soccer Association, Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors meets monthly on the first Thursday of each month at 7pm.

All open session portions of our monthly meetings are open to families with players  

participating in the Novato Youth Soccer Association, or North Marin United.


  2017 Board of Directors  
                                               President Tony Kenney
  VP Select Clinton MacDonald
  VP Recreation Chris McCune
  Secretary Shannon Doherty
  Head Referee Helge Biernath
  Director of Coaching Tyler Gottschalk
  Field Equipment Manager OPEN POSITION
  Field Lining Manager Ryan Manville
  Member at Large Mike Foisy
  Director of Sportsmanship OPEN POSITION
  Director of Player Safety Rich Gasaway
  Treasurer CourtenayWise
  Registrar Sally Sacchetto
  League Administrator Brenda Camp

Recreation Age Group Coordinators

  Kindergarten AGC Maren Kelly
  1st Grade AGC Amy Kahn
  2nd Grade AGC Vicki Fedoroff
  3rd/4th Grade AGC Michelle Lewis
  5th/6th Grade AGC Janneen Stickle
  7th/8th Grade, HS AGC Christine Sadalsky